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These pages have nothing to do with extraterrestrial intelligence. They are purely about music!

Copyright © 2002
by OFU

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Last modified: 2004-03-13

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2001-11_OFU-Group_02_medium.jpg (29437 Byte)Founded: Autumn 1998

Hometown: Hannover/Germany


Songs from UFO and instrumentals of Michael Schenker


Evi Evermann - Drums

Carsten Fromm - Bass

Klaus Maiwald - Guitar

Ossi Schlösiger - Guitar

Frank Seidat - Vocals

At first OFU didn't intend to play UFO only but also recent titles from DEEP PURPLE and similar stuff. From the beginning our aim was to have a variet program while great importance was attached to the quality of the song material and it's presentation. By taking a closer look on UFO it became clear that their songs do contain everything that is part of good Rock Music:

  • catchy melodies
  • dynamic
  • variety
  • virtuosity

We didn't intend to play songs everybody knows and which are played at every corner. OFU wanted to stand out of too often covered songs and take the audience by initially unknown but high quality songs instead.

OFU do love UFO!

Three members of OFU are UFO-Fans since some 20 years (one of those started to listen to Rock music at the age of 7 apparently), the others became UFO-Fans during the rehearsals.

Now it is your turn. You can become a UFO -, no OFU - Fan as well!!!