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These pages have nothing to do with extraterrestrial intelligence. They are purely about music!

Copyright © 2002
by OFU

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Last modified: 2002-11-26

Klaus writes about his equipment:

My main guitar for OFU is - of course - a Gibson Flying V from 1975 in black (probably refinished) with Gibson pickups. As backup I use a Rockinger Strat (refinished in red by OFU-drummer Evi) or a Heritage Les Paul Custom or Standard.

My amp is a Peavey 5150 top with a Marshall-box (800 serie). My newest acquisition is a Marshall-box from Rudolph Schenker (Scorpions Stage Right NO. 8). Sometimes I do also use an Engl Straigt 100 Watt top.

My effects are a Vox Wah Wah pedal and for some delay and the level a Boss ME5. And I use a Boss Stage Tuner.

In small clubs a Marshall Valvestatecombo 80 Watt does the job.


Carsten writes about his equipment:

Instruments: Music Man Sting Ray, Precision Bass homemade with Magnetics Pick Up, various other Jazz- and P-Bass homemade guitars.

Amps: 2 x Hiwatt DR 103, construction years 1973 and 1974

Cabinets: 2 x custom made model "Big Bertha" from Carstensen (equipped with 1x15" + 4x10" each)

Effects: Boss Corus, Nobels Bass Overdrive, Hardware Bypass-Switch

In small clubs I use an Ampeg SVT Amp with a Peavey Box (equipped with 1x15" and 2x8").


Leadguitar A-Z

Track CD Year Lead
Belladonna No Heavy Petting 1976 ?
Can You Roll Her No Heavy Petting 1976 Klaus
Captain Nemo MSG - Built To Destroy 1983 Ossi
Cold Sweat Thin Lizzy - Thunder&Lightning 1983 ?
Darker Days Walk On Water 1995 ?
Doctor Doctor Phenomenon 1974 Ossi
Electric Phase Lights Out 1977 Ossi
I'm A Loser No Heavy Petting 1976 ?
Into The Arena MSG - Michael Schenker Group 1980 Klaus
Let It Roll Force It 1975 Ossi
Lights Out Lights Out 1977 Klaus
Love To Love Lights Out 1977 Klaus
Miss The Lights Covenant 2000 Klaus
Mother Mary Force It 1975 Ossi
Natural Thing No Heavy Petting 1976 Ossi
Only You Can Rock Me Obsession 1978 Klaus
Out In The Streets Force It 1975 Ossi
Prince Kajuku Flying 1972 Ossi
Pushed To The Limit Walk On Water 1995 Klaus
Reasons Love No Heavy Petting 1976 Ossi
Rock Bottom Phenomenon 1974 Ossi
Same Old Song And Dance Aerosmith ? Ossi, Klaus
Self Made Man Walk On Water 1995 ?
Shapes Of Things Gary Moore - We Want Moore 1984 Ossi
Shoot Shoot Force It 1975 Ossi
Smoke On The Water Deep Purple - Machine Head 1972 Ossi
Stopped By A Bullet (Of Love) Walk On Water 1995 ?
Strange Kind Of Woman Deep Purple - Fireball 1971 Klaus, Ossi
This Kids Force It 1975 Klaus
Too Hot To Handle Lights Out 1977 Klaus
Try Me Lights Out 1977 Klaus
Venus Walk On Water 1995 Klaus