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These pages have nothing to do with extraterrestrial intelligence. They are purely about music!

Copyright © 2002
by OFU

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Last modified: 2004-03-13

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Official UFO-Site

The unofficial UFO and Michael Schenker Web Pages (Dave Wood)
news, guitar tab, covering both UFO and Michael Schenker Group (top rated)

Araki's Schenker Page
news from Japan, pictures, ... (top rated)

Newsgroup alt.rock-n-roll.ufo
Rather silly and strange talking than real UFO-news

The Mailinglist ist the main source of communication and news on UFO. Find out more at the official Website http://www.strangers-in-the-night.com.


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Assault Attack
Michael Schenker-Coverband from Japan featuring Araki "Schenker", with sound pieces (Real Audio).

Dr. Bottom
Another Japanese UFO-Tribute-Project from Araki "Schenker".

Force It
UK UFO-Coverband, with sound pieces (mp3).

MST (Michael Schenker Tribute)
Michael Schenker/UFO Tribute Band from Chicago/USA. The website offers picture from a gig where they were joined by Pete Way!

WFO (Double UFO)
Another UFO-Coverband from the UK.

Lights Out
This U.S.-based UFO-Coverband.

flag-jp.gif (117 Byte) THE "ROBAROBA" SCHENKER GROUP
Japanese Band and Site, some sound files (Real Audio) and pictures.

flag.gif (293 Byte)flag-jp.gif (117 Byte) Victim Of Illusion
Another Japanese Michael Schenker/UFO-Coverband. Some pictures and sound-files that can be found even by Non-Japanese.

Araki "Schenker" also plays UFO!
There are some sound pieces and a Midi-File of Doctor Doctor at his site. Here you can also find out about Michael Schenker's stage equipment during the last few tours.

flag.gif (120 Byte) "Fritz Flieder" Classic Rock Covers
... from Stuttgart/Germany play a lot of rocking tracks from the 70's and 80's, including Only You Can Rock Me and Doctor Doctor.

flag-jp.gif (117 Byte) ???
Yeah, I found another Japanese Band (Website last modified in 1998). All I can tell is that they play Rock Bottom, Lights Out, Doctor Doctor and Into The Arena.

flag.gif (120 Byte) Rain In The Face
... from Erlangen/Germany play unplugged and Doctor Doctor. Website contains fotos but no sound-files.

flag.gif (120 Byte) Top Secret
... from somewhere in south Germany, Doctor Doctor again...


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Marc Fettarappa's Gibson Flying V Website
A lot of pictures and background information all about the famous Gibson Flying-V guitar.

Sarah did some TAB-Transcriptions of Schenker-Riffs.

Phil's Midi Page
Contains the well known Doctor Doctor Midi-File from Ritchie Araki and (new to me!) Only You Can Rock Me.

667 - The Neighbour Of The Priest
The Iron Maiden Coverband "667" not only plays songs but also transcribes them. And they also did a PowerTab-Trancscription of Doctor Doctor. The PowerTab-Program can be downloaded from the same page (neccessary to actually view the file).


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flag.gif (120 Byte) MIT18
Westernhagen-Coverband from Hannover/Germany including Ossi and Klaus from OFU on guitars.

flag.gif (120 Byte) Bongiovio
Bon Jovi-Coverband from Hannover/Germany featuring Carsten from OFU.

Christoph Gerlach's Homepage
the OFU-Webmaster's mostly non-UFO Homepage